Ninja FG551 Vs AG301 Indoor Grill Comparison Guide

Any serious ninja knows that the key to a successful mission is planning, preparation, and patience. Unless you’re talking about dinner, in which case it’s throwing on a costume, lighting some flames, and hoping for the best.

Ninja Fg551 Vs Ag301

As hungry ninjas know, there are few things faster or more efficient than grilling up some meat over an open flame. Which means that when you’re on a stealthy night mission and can’t find anywhere to get takeout or order delivery, your indoor grill is your new best friend.

With Ninja’s versatile and latest indoor grills, you can be sure to strike fast and cook smoking hot and finger licking delicious meals without the hassle of messy prep and cleanup in traditional gas grills. In this blog post, we are comparing Ninja Fg551 Vs Ag301 side by side and we will figure out which one might suit your household. We’ll discuss the similarities, differences, pros and cons and what set Ninja grills apart from other brands on the market. Let’s start!

Ninja FG551 Vs AG301 Indoor grill Comparison

FeaturesNinja FG551Ninja AG301
Dimensions16x17x11 Inches15x15x11 Inches
MaterialBPA FreeBPA Free
Weight22 lb27 lb
Cooking Capacity9x12” Grilling Grates, 4 Quart Crisp Basket, 4 Quart Cooking Pot10x10” Grilling Plate, 4 Quarts Air Frying Basket 6 Quarts Cooking Pot to Bake, Roast and Dehydrate
Cooking FunctionsGrill, Air Crisp, Roast, Bake, Broil & DehydrateGrill, Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Dehydrate
Temperature Range105-500F105-500F
Control PanelTouchscreenTouchscreen
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Nonstick CoatingCeramicCeramic
Smoke Free cookingYesYes
Can Cook Frozen FoodsYesYes
Smart ThermometerYesNo
AccessoriesNinja Smart XL GrillNinja Foodi Grill
9x12" Grill GrateSplatter Shield
4 Quart Crisper Basket6 Quart Cooking Pot
4 Quart Cooking Pot10x10” Grill Grate
Foodi Smart Thermometer4 Quart Crisper Basket
Cleaning BrushCleaning Brush
Chef Created 15 Recipe BookRecipe Book
Quick Start Guide
Owner's Guide
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Amazon Rating4.8/5 (11K Reviews)4.8/5 (21K Reviews)
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Difference Between Ninja Fg551 Vs Ag301

Outdoor grilling and weather go hand in hand but with extreme weather changes around the globe indoor grilling has become a norm and indoor grills are taking their rightful place in every household.  The Ninja Fg and Ag series of indoor grills offer some premium class smokeless indoor grills for a complete grilling experience without messy startup and cleanup afterwards. Grill without sacrificing the convenience of your home is what Ninja is all about. Let’s explore the key difference between Ninja Fg551 vs Ag301 indoor grills.

Appearance & Design

When it comes to indoor grill design, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to make sure that the grill is large enough to cook enough food comfortably. Second, you’ll want to choose a grill with a design that will fit in well with your kitchen décor. And you’d want a grill that can easily be accommodated in the available counter space.

Ninja Fg551 features a boxy design with sleek & eye-catching appearance. Its stainless steel and black exterior fits right in and make it look better enough to be kept on the counter permanently. Even if you have a small counter, the Ninja Fg551 indoor grill does job of several other appliances to so you can replace multiple cooking appliances with one. Fair enough?

The Fg551 indoor grill is fairly large measuring 16x17x11 Inches and weighs about 22 pound which is not the most portable grill out there but given the cooking features, functions and space it has to offer, it is justified. The large hinged dome can easily be lifted with a cool touch handle and it also houses the heating element, fan and air inlet vent.

It features a touchscreen digital display on the front side to choose the cooking program, temperature and cooking time for required doneness. The control panel is intuitive and extremely easy to follow whether or not you have used an advanced indoor grill before.

On the contrary, Ninja Ag301 measures 15x15x11 Inches in dimensions and weighs about 15 pound which is slightly light in comparison to Ninja Fg551 Foodi grill. On top of the dome, there is an air inlet vent and the air outlet vent is at the back so avoid placing the grill close to the wall and under a cabinet. Ag301 indoor grill has a touchscreen control panel which is clear and straightforward to understand. Overall, the two Ninja grills are nothing short of awesomeness.

Cooking Capacity

Grills are meant to be large enough to cook large batches of meals for entire family. Ninja Fg551 and Ag301 has successfully combined the aesthetics and cooking capacity which is evident from these two grills. Ninja Fg551 Foodi grill comes with 9×12” ceramic coated nonstick grilling grates, 4 Quart ceramic coated nonstick crisping basket and 4 Quart ceramic coated nonstick cooking pot for generous cooking capacity.

On the other hand, Ninja Ag301 features 10×10” grilling plate, 4 Quart crisping basket, 6 Quart ceramic coated nonstick cooking pot for baking, roasting and dehydrating.

Ninja Fg551 does offer more grilling surface while Ninja Ag301 comes with bigger 6 Quart cooking pot. Meanwhile, the crisping plate capacity remains the same with both indoor grills.

Ninja Fg551 lets you prepare 6 steaks, 24 hot dogs, mains and sides at the same time which is more suitable for large gatherings or backyard family parties.

Ninja Ag301 has a cooking capacity of 4 steaks, 5 burgers, 2.5 pounds French fries, and 2.5-pound chicken roast. Ninja Fg551 is clearly bigger with more grilling space but Ag301 has bigger cooking pot for baking, dehydrating and roasting.

Features & Functions

Not only grilling, Ninja Fg551 and Ag301 can do a lot more than that. They are multifunctional cooking appliances which can replace a number of other appliances such as toaster and air fryer.

Ninja Fg551 Foodi smart XL grill comes with 6 cooking functions while Ninja Ag301 is packed with 5 cooking functions.

Ninja Fg551 Cooking Functions:

  • Grill
  • Air Crisp
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Dehydrate

Ninja Ag301 Cooking Functions:

  • Grill
  • Air Fry
  • Bake
  • Roast
  • Dehydrate

With temperature range as wide as 105-500F and multiple cooking functions at your disposal, you can virtually cook anything with either of the two models.

Smart Thermometer

The Ninja Grill Smart Thermometer is a nifty little gadget that can help you cook like a pro. It is a temperature probe that you can use to monitor the temperature of your food as it cooks. Smart thermometer helps attaining precise cooking results with Ninja grills.

Ninja Fg551 comes equipped with smart thermometer whereas Ninja Ag301 doesn’t share this feature. However, you can buy separate food thermometer to check on the food being cooked.


There’s a lot to love about grilling, especially when you have the right accessories. Ninja grills are some of the best on the market, and they come with a wide variety of great accessories. Whether you’re looking for something to help with burger patties or needing an accessory that can keep your food warm, there’s definitely a Ninja grill accessory for you.

Ninja Fg551 comes with the following set of accessories to give you a complete cooking experience:

  • Ninja Smart XL Grill
  • 9×12″ Grill Grate
  • 4 Quart Crisper Basket
  • 4 Quart Cooking Pot
  • Foodi Smart Thermometer
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Chef Created 15 Recipe Book

On the other hand, Ninja Ag301 is packed with the following handy accessories for one of a kind grilling experience.

  • Ninja Foodi Grill
  • Splatter Shield
  • 6 Quart Cooking Pot
  • 10×10” Grill Grate
  • 4 Quart Crisper Basket
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Recipe Book
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Owner’s Guide

The grill grates, cooking pot and crisping baskets are nonstick coated and dishwasher safe hence cleaning would be a hassle-free task unlike traditional grills, Whoa!!

Cooking Performance & Popularity

No matter how many times you have tried a recipe, cooking steaks is a new battle every time. With Ninja Fg551 and Ag301, pulling off perfectly cooked steak with push of a button is pretty exciting. On the other hand, although we have tried and tested a number of appliances in Something-shop kitchen we always are skeptical of how a product will deliver.

We tested both Ninja Fg551 and Ag301 Foodi indoor grill and tried grass fed steak, burgers, fries, and hot dogs of course. It hardly took 5 minutes to preheat and to our surprise both grills delivered shockingly amazing results.

The steaks were juicy on the inside and had that perfect smokey texture that a traditional grill delivers. French fries tested the air frying capabilities of both grills and the results were fantastic. It was hardly taking 10-15 minutes on everything we tried means Ninja grills let you cook with a flash.

In terms of popularity, Ninja Fg551 Foodi grill has received 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon with over 11 thousand reviews out of which 94% are satisfied with the product. On the other hand, Ninja Ag301 Foodi indoor grill also has 4.8/5 star rating but a whopping 21 thousand reviews from around the world out of which 96% are happy users.

One reason is of course more cooking functions, smart temperature probe, and more cooking space however, price seems to be another factor because not everyone can spare two hundred bucks. Ninja Ag301 grill besides its incredible grilling performance, is budget friendly and that’s another reason for its popularity.

Quick Overview of Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fry,...
  • NINJA FOODI SMART XL GRILL: The Smart XL grill that sears, sizzles, and crisps. Indoor countertop Grill and...
  • CYCLONIC GRILLING TECHNOLOGY: Uses 500°F cyclonic air to perfectly cook or char grill your food to your...
  • SMART COOK SYSTEM plus THERMOMETER: The Foodi Smart Thermometer enable you to achieve the perfect doneness...
  • Grills with no to minimum smoke
  • 6 amazing cooking functions
  • Preprogrammed meat settings
  • Smart temperature probe for precision cooking
  • Nonstick coated grill grates, cooking pot and crisping basket
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Takes a lot of kitchen counter space
  • Large footprint, heavy and bulky

Quick Overview of Ninja AG301 Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill

Ninja AG301 Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill with Air Fry,...
  • THE ORIGINAL NINJA FOODI GRILL: The grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. Indoor grill and air fryer.
  • CYCLONIC GRILLING TECHNOLOGY: Uses 500°F cyclonic air to perfectly cook or char grill your food to your...
  • OUTDOOR GRILLING POWER ON YOUR COUNTERTOP: With the BTU cooking power of an outdoor grill, it brings outdoor...
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Nonstick coated grill grates, crisping plate and cooking pot
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Intuitive Digital display and touchscreen control panel
  • Compact yet spacious
  • Multiple heat settings for grilling
  • No smart thermometer
  • Bulky

Ninja Fg551 Vs Ag301 Foodi Grill: Winner?

After putting these two indoor grills to test and finding out their amazing grilling and cooking performance one thing is clear: If you base your decision on performance, you will get the best no matter which one you choose.

If you consider price, Ninja Fg551 Foodi grill is slightly expensive whereas Ninja Ag301 will cost you about 40$ less than Fg551.

Considering grilling space, Ninja Fg551 has an upper hand with 9×12” grill surface whereas Ag301 has 10×10” grilling surface but bigger cooking pot of 6 Quart.

At the end it all comes down to your personal choice, budget and cooking functions that you are looking for. Both Ninja Fg551 Vs Ag301 are premium quality efficient grilling machines with unparalleled grilling, air frying, baking and cooking performance.

Which one would you choose and why? How often do you grill? Let us know about your grilling experience so far in the comment section.

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