Power XL Air Fryer Grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL: Get the Best!

Power XL Air Fryer Grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL… With increasing choices available in the market, it is getting harder and harder to choose the one we actually need and same is the case with multifunctional kitchen appliances. There are air fryers which also work as ovens, grills and rotisserie enabling you replace all your old and obsolete kitchen gadgets with one handy appliance.

Power XL Air Fryer Grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL

Power XL air fryer grill and Nuwave Bravo XL are two well known multifunctional kitchen gadgets with incredible cooking prowess and multitude of amazing functions to cater to all your cooking needs. In this blog post, we are comparing Power XL air fryer grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL in terms of cooking functions and attributes to find out which one comes out on the top. Let’s begin with a detailed comparison table.

Power XL Air Fryer Grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL Comparison Table

FeaturesPower XL Air FryerNuwave Bravo XL
Dimensions15x19x10 Inches14x20x11 Inches
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Weight24 lbs19 lbs
Size4.5L30 Quarts
Cooking Functions8 Cooking Functions:12 Cooking Functions:
Grill, Broil, Air Fry, Pizza/Bake, Air Fry/Grill, Toast/Bagel, Rotisserie & ReheatAir Fry, Bake, Broil, Dehydrate, Frozen, Grill, Pizza, Reheat, Roast, Slow Roast, Toast & Yogurt
Cooking PresetsNone100 preprogrammed recipes & 50 slots to save more
Control PanelDials/ No Digital DisplayDigital Display & Buttons
Max Temperature450F Max50-500F Max
Integrated Temperature ProbeNoYes
Rack Positions34
Heating Elements35
Capacity10 lb chicken, Grill 6 burgers, Kebabs, and more10 lb chicken, 13 inch pizza, 8 slices of toast and more
AccessoriesNonstick grill plate, Rotisserie spit, Drip tray, Oven pizza rack, Crisper tray, Baking pan, Egg/Muffin tray, & Nonstick griddle plate. Two racks, Air frying basket, Baking pan, Broiler tray, Drip tray, Pizza peel, & Pizza cutter.
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Best PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Difference Between Power XL Air Fryer Grill Vs Nuwave Bravo XL

Power XL air fryer grill and Nuwave Bravo XL are basically air fryer ovens with other functionalities bundled into them. So, not only air fry you can also roast, toast and do more in terms of cooking your favorite meals.

Here are the key differences between two cooking gadgets that may make or break the deal.

Cooking Capacity

One of the most important factors most people consider while buying a cooking gadget is the cooking capacity. It is important to get the right appliance considering the family size. A small appliance for a large family and vice versa would be quote awkward and not-practical as well. Power XL air fryer grill features 4.5L or 4.5 Quart cooking capacity which suits small to medium families. On the contrary, Nuwave Bravo XL features 30 Quarts cooking capacity that’s more suitable for large families.

If you are looking for a large cooking appliance which is multifunctional too, Nuwave Bravo XL clearly got your attention here.


People are more and more turning towards multifunctional kitchen gadgets for a number of reasons and counter space is one of the reasons for sure. Furthermore, an automatic and multifunctional cooking appliance saves effort, time and money as well. With busy schedules 6 days a week, an automatic multifunctional cooking appliance is the fresh air we all need badly.

In terms of versatility, Nuwave Bravo XL has the edge with 12 cooking functions which are:

  1. Air Fry
  2. Bake
  3. Broil
  4. Dehydrate
  5. Frozen
  6. Grill
  7. Pizza
  8. Reheat
  9. Roast
  10. Slow Roast
  11. Toast
  12. Yogurt

On the contrary, Power XL air fryer has set of 8 cooking functions to elevate your cooking. The functions are:

  1. Grill
  2. Broil
  3. Air Fry
  4. Pizza/Bake
  5. Air Fry/Grill
  6. Toast/Bagel
  7. Rotisserie
  8. Reheat

Besides, Nuwave Bravo XL features 100 preprogrammed recipes and 50 slots where you can save your favorite recipes to recall later when you need to cook while Power XL air fryer doesn’t have cooking presets and preprogrammed recipes.

Control Panel

Another prominent and noticeable difference between Power XL air fryer grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL is the control panel or the user interface.

Power XL air fryer grill features 3 dials to navigate through the settings to cook whereas Nuwave Bravo XL features an advanced digital display with multiple push buttons which are not only well laid out but also clearly labeled for a convenient cooking experience.

The digital display not only shows what function is being used but also indicates the temperature and remaining time to when the dish is ready. Well, it all looks fancy but on the flip side, it might be slightly intimidating for people who have never used a multifunctional cooking appliance before. This makes Power XL air fryer grill quite user friendly because you get three dials: first to set the time, 2nd to set the temperature and 3rd to select the program (grill, bake, broil and more).

Both styles of controls have their pros and cons so ultimately it will come down to your personal preference whether you prefer a more advanced control or old school knob controls.

Appearance & Design

Power XL air fryer grill and Nuwave Bravo XL has standard rectangular design with black and brushed stainless steel exterior respectively. Both models are mainly made of durable stainless steel with 4 tiny legs underneath to keep the ovens stable on the countertop.

On the outside, the two have difference in terms of control panel which we already have explained above. On the inside, Power XL air fryer grill has 3 rack positions while Nuwave Bravo XL comes with 4 rack positions. Secondly, Power XL measures 15x19x10 Inches and weighs about 24 pounds while Nuwave Bravo XL measures 14x20x11 Inches and weighs 19 pounds which is lighter than the Power XL.

Although, both models are designed quite attractive however, my personal favorite is Power XL for I like to keep things simple – old school dials!

More Differences

Besides some visible differences, here are few differences that you might not notice initially.

  1. Power XL air fryer grill has max temperature limit of 450F whereas Nuwave Bravo XL can reach up to 500F.
  2. Nuwave Bravo XL features an integrated digital temperature probe which lets you cook something with precise doneness. Power XL air fryer grill however lacks this feature.
  3. Power XL packs 1500W of power with 3 heating elements whereas Nuwave Bravo XL packs 1800W of power with 5 heating elements (Top and Bottom) for snappy cooking performance.
  4. Cleaning is as easy as it can get. All the included accessories are nonstick and dishwasher safe. The interior is easy to clean thanks to nonstick interior. The exterior can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth for its finger-print resistant which is easy to clean.

Accessories: Power XL air fryer Vs Nuwave Bravo XL

Both air fryer ovens come with a range of handy accessories to deliver an amazing cooking experience.

Power XL air fryer Accessories

  • Nonstick grill plate
  • Rotisserie spit
  • Drip tray
  • Oven pizza rack
  • Crisper tray
  • Baking pan
  • Egg/Muffin tray
  • Nonstick griddle plate

Nuwave Bravo XL Accessories

  • Two racks
  • Air frying basket
  • Baking pan
  • Broiler tray
  • Drip tray
  • Pizza peel
  • Pizza cutter

Best Deals – Power XL Air Fryer Grill Combo

Pros √

  • 8 Cooking functions
  • Compact and space saving design
  • Simple user-interface
  • Offers a complete cooking solution
  • Suitable for medium size families
  • Great cooking performance
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Affordable

Cons ×

  • It smokes
  • Exterior gets hot
  • Letters on buttons come off

Best Deals – Nuwave Bravo XL Air Fryer

Nuwave Bravo Air Fryer Toaster Smart Oven, 12-in-1...
  • MAKE ADJUSTMENTS ON-THE-FLY – Want hotter temperature or need to cook it longer? No problem. Simply adjust...
  • INTEGRATED DIGITAL TEMPERATURE PROBE – Once the desired doneness temperature is set, Bravo air fryer toaster...
  • 112 PRESETS AND CONVENIENCES BUILT-IN – Bravo air fryer has 4 different rack positions and is programmed...

Pros √

  • Well-designed
  • Extremely versatile cooking appliance
  • An advanced control panel
  • Suits bigger families
  • Higher temperature range
  • Dishwasher safe accessories

Cons ×

  • Intimidating controls
  • Smokes a lot & exterior gets hot
  • Bulky, takes a huge chunk of counter space

Power XL Air Fryer Grill Vs Nuwave Bravo XL: Which One?

When you do not have the luxury of a spacious kitchen, a multifunctional and versatile cooking appliance is the sole solution to remove all that clutter and keep your kitchen nice and tidy.

Power XL air fryer grill and Nuwave Bravo XL packs tons of cooking functions, and useful features to deliver an ultimate cooking experience. Both models have their pros and cons that we already have discussed in detail.

Its to pick one! If you are looking for convenience and versatility, Power XL air fryer grill is the perfect choice. It is compact, and extremely easy to use given its 3 dials which are straightforward and easy to understand for anyone. On the other hand, if you are in search for something for precise cooking and more advanced controls, Nuwave Bravo XL has it all.

Which one would you choose and why? If this comparison review has helped you in making a choice, do share it with others!

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