Tiger JAX-T18U-K Vs Tiger JKT-B18U-C: Know the Difference!

Tiger JAX-T18U-K Vs Tiger JKT-B18U-C

Tiger JAX-T18U-K Vs Tiger JKT-B18U-C… When it comes to making delicious rice, nothing tops the use of a quality rice cooker. Most rice cookers are capable of making more than just rice and tiger rice cookers check all the boxes when it comes to multifunctional and dependable rice cookers.

Of course, we know that you are looking for a tiger rice cooker and it all came down to choose between Tiger JAX-T18U-K vs Tiger JKT-B18U-C. So, to help you figure out the key differences between the two models, here is a little help beginning with a detailed comparison table.

Tiger JAX-T18U-K Vs Tiger JKT-B18U-C Comparison

FeaturesTiger JAX-T18U-KTiger JKT-B18U-C
Product Dimensions14.6x11.1x9.8 Inches15.2x11.3x9.8 Inches
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Weight9.04 lbs11 lbs
Cooking Capacity10 Cups (Uncooked)10 Cups (Uncooked)
Control PanelButtons/DisplayButtons/Display
Digital TimerYesYes
Menu Settings10 Cooking Settings8 Cooking Settings
Plain, Quick, Porridge, Mixed, Sweet, Brown, Multigrain, Slow Cook, Steam & Synchro-cookingPlain, Ultra, Quick, Mixed, Jasmine, Brown, Porridge & Oatmeal (Steel Cut)
Synchro CookingYesNo
Advanced TechnologyMicom TechnologyInduction Heating
Delay TimerYesYes
Keep WarmYesYes
Inner Cooking PotNonstick CoatedNonstick Coated
What's Included?Inner Pan, TaCook Plate, Spatula, Ladle, Steam Vent Cap, Inner Lid, Rice Measuring Cup & User ManualLadle, Spatula, Measuring Cup & User Manual
Clean UpDishwasher SafeDishwasher Safe
Warranty1 Years Limited Warranty1 Years Limited Warranty
Amazon Rating4.6/5 Star4.3/5 Star
Best PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Difference Between Tiger Jax-t18u-k vs Tiger Jkt-b18u-c Rice Cooker

The Tiger Jax-t18u and Jkt-b18u share uncanny resemblance however, there are a few notable differences that you might want to know before buying one.

Design & Construction

Tiger rice cookers are known to be durable and dependable thanks to their strong construction. The sturdiness of tiger rice cookers makes them capable of enduring years of use. In terms of design, both tiger rice cookers have practical design with easy to use control panel and clearly labeled buttons to navigate through the settings. Just press of a few buttons and you are all set!

The black top and bottom with silver accent in the middle looks sleek on any countertop. While Tiger JKT-B18U comes with beige color which adjusts well with any other appliances on the kitchen counter. Besides the difference in color, the two rice cookers have identical dimensions with slight difference of a few millimeters and pounds.  Tiger JAX T18U measures 14.6x11x10 Inches while Tiger JKT-B18U measures 15x11x10 inches and weighs about 11 pounds while the former weighs only 9 pounds.

Neither too heavy nor too bulky, these tiger rice cookers are perfect addition to any household where rice is in essential part of every meal.

Cooking Menu Settings

Since rice cookers are versatile cooking appliances, they bring you a range of amazing cooking functions to cook a wide range of grains and other dishes too. Both tiger rice cookers are versatile enough to cater to your cooking needs quite well.

Tiger JAX T18U-K comes with 10 cooking settings which are:

  1. Plain
  2. Quick
  3. Porridge
  4. Mixed
  5. Sweet
  6. Brown
  7. Multigrain
  8. Slow Cook
  9. Steam
  10. Synchro-cooking

Tiger JKT-B18U-C packs 8 cooking menu settings to choose from which are as follow:

  1. Plain
  2. Ultra
  3. Quick
  4. Mixed
  5. Jasmine
  6. Brown
  7. Porridge
  8. Oatmeal (Steel Cut)


More power means less time it takes to get your rice done. Tiger JAX-T18U-K packs 918W of power whereas JKT-B18U-C packs 1198W power for quick cooking. It does have a quick cooking setting as well.

Synchro Cooking

Tiger rice cookers bring this amazing cooking feature which lets you cook rice and steam veggies or poultry using TaCook simultaneously. This is an ideal way to bring dinner to the table hassle-free.  Tiger JAX T18U comes with Synchro-cooking function while JKT-B18U doesn’t share this feature.

For folks who come home after a hectic and busy day and don’t want to spend time in the kitchen cooking, Synchro-cooking feature could be a life-saver especially on any hot summer day. Also, this is one of the key selling feature of Tiger rice cookers.

Micom & Induction Heating

As stated earlier that tiger rice cookers are some of the most advanced in the market. Tiger JAX T18U-K Micom rice cooker is equipped with microcomputer or MICOM technology which makes it capable enough to make minute adjustments in time, temperature and pressure to get the best results. Tiger JKT-B18U-C induction heating rice cooker on the other hand comes with incredible induction heating technology for superior heat conductivity and quick cooking results.

Similarities: Tiger JAX-T18U-K Vs Tiger JKT-B18U-C

  • Both Tiger rice cookers feature huge 10 cups (uncooked) cooking capacity which yields 20 cups of perfectly cooked rice. These models are suitable for large families between 6-8 members.
  • Both models have similar control panel design consisting of push buttons and lcd with timer.
  • Both models come with delay timer and keep warm feature.
  • The inner cooking pot in both models is nonstick coated for smooth cooking.
  • The removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Both tiger rice cookers are backed with 1 Year limited warranty.

Best Deals – Tiger JAX-T18U-K Micom Rice Cooker

Tiger JAX-T18U-K 10-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with...
  • 10-Cup Microcomputer controlled rice cooker and warmer with "tacook" synchro-cooking function
  • 4-in-1 functions and 10 computerized cooking menu settings
  • 1.8-mm thick inner pan

Pros √

  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • Synchro-cooking
  • Nonstick coated inner cooking pot
  • TaCook plate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Huge 10 cup cooking capacity
  • Latest Micom cooking technology

Cons ×

  • Buttons aren’t responsive sometimes

Best Deals – Tiger JKT-B18U-C Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Tiger JKT-B18U-C Rice Cooker with Oatmeal Cooker, Stainless...
  • Inner pan with grip handle for easy carry
  • Preset cooking timer
  • 3-Layer metal inner pan

Pros √

  • 8 cooking functions
  • 10 cups cooking capacity
  • Suitable for large families
  • Easy to clean, easy to use
  • Nonstick inner pot
  • Induction heating

Cons ×

  • No TaCook plate
  • No Synchro-cooking

Verdict: Tiger JAX-T18U-K Vs Tiger JKT-B18U-C

So, what would you choose and why? Both Tiger rice cookers are equipped with latest cooking technology to deliver an ultimate cooking experience. Tiger Jax-t18u-k Micom rice cooker packs Micom technology, 10 cooking functions, 10 cup cooking capacity, TaCook plate, and much more.

On the other hand, Tiger Jkt-b18u-c induction heating rice cooker comes with induction heating technology for superior heat transfer, superior power, and 8 cooking functions. In terms of cooking capacity both models have 10 cups (Uncooked) which is more than enough for a medium to large family. Hope our detailed comparison would help you make a better decision.

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