Ninja Foodi LG450 vs AG301: How to Choose the Best?

Ninja Foodi LG450 Vs AG301… An indoor grill is a safe alternative to outdoor grilling. It doesn’t leave your home smelling like smoke, and it also won’t put your BBQ party at risk from factors such as rain or storm.

Ninja Foodi LG450 vs AG301

A Ninja electric grill will allow you to make all kinds of grilled foods inside your home, safely and conveniently. Further, an indoor electric grill isn’t just convenient than outdoor grilling – it can actually be more flavorful as well! With that in mind, here we’ll explore difference between Ninja Foodi LG450 vs AG301, two of the most sought-after indoor grills and how they can benefit your cooking experience.

Ninja Foodi LG450 Vs AG301 Comparison Table

FeaturesNinja LG450CONinja AG301
Dimensions17x12x11 Inches15x15x11 Inches
MaterialStainless-steel / PlasticStainless-steel / Plastic
Weight27 lbs27 lb
Cooking Capacity10x10" Grilling Grates, 4 Quarts Crisper Basket, 6 Quarts Cooking Pot to Bake, Roast & Dehydrate10x10" Grilling Plate, 4 Quarts Air Frying Basket, 6 Quarts Cooking Pot to Bake Roast and Dehydrate
Cooking FunctionsGrill, Air Crisp, Bake, Roast, DehydrateGrill, Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Dehydrate
Temperature Range105-500F105-500F
Control PanelTouchscreenTouchscreen
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Nonstick CoatingCeramicCeramic
Smoke Free cookingYesYes
Can Cook Frozen FoodsYesYes
Smart ThermometerYesNo
AccessoriesNinja Foodi Grill
Splatter Shield
6 Quart Cooking Pot
10x10" Grill Grate
4 Quart Crisper Basket
Cleaning Brush
Recipe Book
Quick Start Guide
Owner's Guide
Ninja Foodi Grill
Splatter Shield
6 Quart Cooking Pot
10x10" Grill Grate
4 Quart Crisper Basket
Cleaning Brush
Recipe Book
Quick Start Guide
Owner's Guide
Warranty90 Day Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
ConditionRenewed, RefurbishedNew
Amazon Rating4.5/5 (665 Reviews)4.8/5 (22K Reviews)
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Difference Between Ninja Foodi LG450 Vs AG301

Ninja Foodi LG450 vs AG301 are versatile indoor smokeless grills loaded with 5 cooking functions and are equal to 5 appliances combined. Both models are perfect combination of innovative cooking technology, aesthetics and convenience of cooking.

Both Ninja LG450 and AG301 have same set of features and functions. However, here are the key differences between two models.

  • Ninja LG450 comes with a smart thermometer whereas Ninja AG301 doesn’t share this feature.
  • There is slight difference in dimensions however its negligible.
  • Ninja LG450 is available refurbished/renewed only while Ninja AG301 is available in new condition.

Apart from the above-stated two significant differences, both indoor grills are same in every aspect. Here we will explore some of the key features in order to see what two models have in store to offer.

Construction & Design

Ninja LG450 and AG301 have contemporary designs and well-laid-out control panels. The boxy design with a hinged dome in black and silver exterior looks perfect on most counters. It will easily blend in with most kitchen themes. The overall size of both grills is neither too big nor too small. It is compact enough to be placed permanently on the counter and large enough to cook whole meals for the family.

AG301 Ninja

Image Credit: Amazon

Ninja LG450 measures 17x12x11 inches whereas Ninja AG301 measures 15x15x11 inches. Both models weigh 27 pounds which is not the most lightweight but its not even the half of the weight of a traditional outdoor grill.


An indoor grill can be a versatile cooking tool for your kitchen. Smokeless grills offer a variety of functions that make them ideal for cooking meats, vegetables, and even desserts.

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One of the benefits of an indoor grill is that it is virtually smokeless and amount of smoke that is produced while cooking is negligible. This is especially beneficial if you live in an apartment or condo where outdoor grilling is not allowed. By using an indoor grill, you can still enjoy the flavor of grilled foods without producing too much smoke.

Both Ninja LG450 and AG301 offer 5-in-1 functionality:

  • Grill
  • Air Fry
  • Bake
  • Roast
  • Dehydrate

Ease of Use

Some of the grills are very simple to operate, while others may require a bit more finesse. Generally speaking, though, grills that have embedded heating elements (rather than being heated by a flame) are the easiest to use, as there’s no need to worry about regulating the heat. Additionally, models with removable grates, pans and plates are typically easier to clean than those with non-removable plates.

Simply preheat the grill, add in the ingredients, set the timer and temperature and you are all set. Ninja LG450 and AG301 have well-arranged and easy-to-follow control panels which makes it easy for even first-timers to use these grills. 

Both models have clearly labeled touchscreen controls with digital displays to set the time and temperature with ease. Which also minimizes the guesswork and speculations involved, coupled with even heating to give you perfectly cooked delicious grilled meals every single time.


Cleaning indoor electric grills is hassle-free, unlike outdoor grills which are a pain in the head when it comes to cleaning. All the removable parts for both models are nonstick with ceramic coating which eliminates the chances of stuck-on food. Further, all the removable pots and pans are dishwasher safe. Simply put them into the dishwasher and you are good to go.

Even if you have any food residue stuck on the grates or baking pan, soak the pans in warm soapy water for a good 15 minutes and it will do the magic. There is hardly any rubbing and scrubbing involved.

Quick Overview of Ninja LG450CO Indoor Electric Grill

NINJA Foodi LG450 5-in-1, 4-qt. Air Fryer, Roast, Bake,...
  • Ninja Foodi Smart Grill with Smart Cook System. The Smart grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps....
  • Perfectly cook food on the inside to your desired doneness and char-grill every side with 500F Cyclonic...
  • Smart Cook System—4 smart protein settings, 9 customizable doneness levels, and the Foodi Smart Thermometer...

The Good √

  • Multiple temperature settings
  • 5 appliances combined into one
  • Cooks faster than traditional methods
  • Nonstick coated accessories
  • Dishwasher safe

The Bad ×

  • Renewed and refurbished
  • Used Accessories

Quick Overview of Ninja AG301 Indoor Grill

Ninja AG301 Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Grill with Air Fry,...
  • THE ORIGINAL NINJA FOODI GRILL: The grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. Indoor grill and air fryer.
  • CYCLONIC GRILLING TECHNOLOGY: Uses 500°F cyclonic air to perfectly cook or char grill your food to your...
  • OUTDOOR GRILLING POWER ON YOUR COUNTERTOP: With the BTU cooking power of an outdoor grill, it brings outdoor...

The Good √

  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Impressive cooking performance
  • Touchscreen control panel with digital display
  • Ceramic-coated nonstick accessories
  • Smokeless
  • Dishwasher safe

The Bad ×

  • Large footprint
  • No digital thermometer

Conclusion: Ninja Foodi LG450 Vs AG301 Indoor Grill

If you are a grilling freak, an indoor electric grill would be a perfect gift that you can get yourself. Not only grilling, but these grills can also air fry, bake, roast and dehydrate to prepare a wide variety of meals for the entire family.

When it comes to choosing between Ninja Foodi LG450 vs AG301, AG301 is our pick for it is sold brand new. We don’t suggest buying refurbished products as these renewed products always bring trouble along with them.

Spending a few extra bucks is far better than buying a substandard product and suffering later. Let us know if this comparison has helped you choose the required product.

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