Ninja OL501 Vs OL601 New Paradigms

If you’re a busy parent, food blogger, or just someone with a hectic schedule, the idea of spending hours in the kitchen can be daunting. Luckily there are now appliances that make cooking so much easier. The air fryer and pressure cooker combo is an excellent example of how two appliances can work together to save you time and effort in the kitchen – and space as well.

Ninja OL501 Vs OL601

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With an air fryer and pressure cooker combo, you can cook healthy meals more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This guide will compare Ninja OL501 vs OL601, two of the latest and greatest pressure cooker steam fryers on the market. their pros and cons, top products on the market to find out which one would be suitable for your household. Let’s start!

Ninja OL501 Vs OL601 Comparison

FeaturesNinja OL501 Foodi 6.5 QtNinja OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt
Dimensions15.39x14.21x13.07 Inches15.39x14.21x14.25 Inches
MaterialMetal, PlasticMetal, Plastic
Weight24.03 lb25.1 lb
Cooking Size6.5 Quart Pressure Cook, 4.6 Quart Crisp Plate8 Quart Pressure Cook, 5 Quart Crisp Basket
Cooking Functions14 Programmable Cooking Functions:14 Programmable Cooking Functions:
Pressure Cook, Steam & Crisp, Steam & Bake, Air Fry, Broil, Bake/Roast, Dehydrate, Sear/Sauté, Steam, Sous Vide, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Keep Warm and ProofPressure Cook, Steam & Crisp, Steam & Bake, Air Fry, Broil, Bake/Roast, Dehydrate, Sear/Sauté, Steam, Sous Vide, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Keep Warm and Proof
Power1460W, 110-120V1760W, 110-120V
Control PanelTouchscreen, DialTouchscreen, Dial
OperationAutomatic, ProgrammableAutomatic, Programmable
Layered Cooking2 Layer Capacity3 Layer Capacity
Recipes Book25 Recipes45 Recipes
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Amazon Rating4.8/5 Star4.8/5 Star
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Difference Between Ninja OL501 vs OL601 Foodi

Ninja OL501 and OL601 are latest models from Ninja’s advanced and innovative OL series. OL series is all about pressure cooker steam fryers with innovative new unified lid design unlike Op, OS series where you have to switch between two lids.

Visibly, there is hardly any difference between the two models, but while comparing and testing side by side here is what we found.

Appearance and Design

Ninja’s pressure cooker steam fryers have round shaped, large design with sleek and attractive digital touchscreen control panel for user-friendly controls.

Ninja OL501 and OL601 feature stainless steel and black exterior with a large slider button to unlock required cooking functions. The pressure cookers have unified lid which works as both air frying and pressure-cooking lid unlike previous pressure cookers with swappable lids.

In terms of size, the two pressure cookers are quite large in size and bulky so make sure you got the space in your kitchen before you decide to get one. Ninja OL501 Foodi 6.5 Qt 14 in 1 pressure cooker measures 15.39×14.21×13.07 Inches and weighs 24 pounds which is not the most compact and portable pressure cooker out there. On the contrary, Ninja OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt pressure cooker measures 15.39×14.21×14.25 Inches and weighs 25 pounds which is just one inch bigger than the OL501.

Cooking Size

About cooking size, Ninja OL501 and OL601 are medium and high-capacity pressure cookers. Ninja OL501 Foodi pressure cooker features a 6.5 Quart pressure cooking capacity and a 4.6 Quart cook and crisp plate for air frying.

On the other hand, Ninja OL601 Foodi pressure cooker features 8 Quart inner cooking pot and a 5 Quart cook and crisp basket.

The OL501 is more suitable if you are a small to medium family of 4-5 members, however, Ninja OL601 is perfect for large families and also if you are into gatherings and parties, ninja OL601 will serve you well.

Features and Functions

A multicooker is always equipped with a set of cooking features and functions which allows you to cook a wide range of meals in a flash. The multifunctionality of Ninja OL series lets you replace a number of cooking appliances with one handy appliance which can do it all.

Ninja OL501 Foodi 6.5 Quart pressure cooker steam fryer and OL601 XL 8 Quart share identical features and functions with a set of 14 cooking functions listed below.

  • Pressure Cook
  • Steam & Crisp
  • Steam & Bake
  • Air Fry
  • Broil
  • Bake/Roast
  • Dehydrate
  • Sear/Sauté
  • Steam
  • Sous Vide
  • Slow Cook
  • Yogurt
  • Keep Warm
  • Proof

Both pressure cookers have similar set of functions so no matter what you buy, you will get the ultimate versatility and a complete cooking experience.

Layered Cooking

Ninja pressure cookers and air fryers are all about ease of cooking. With added reversible rack, with Ninja OL501 you will be able to enhance cooking capacity and can cook different ingredients in two layers, while Ninja OL601 is capable of cooking 3 layers in one go.

Another difference is the power: Ninja OL501 is a 1460W pressure cooker while Ninja OL601 is more powerful with 1760W of power. More power translates into more efficiency and even cooking.

Recipe Book

A small yet notable difference is the included recipe book. Ninja Ol501 comes with a 15 recipe cookbook while Ninja Ol601 comes with a 45 recipe cookbook. More recipes mean you got a huge field to play around with newer recipes.

Price & Warranty

In terms of prices, Ninja OL501 vs OL601 are midrange products so anybody can afford without breaking their bank. Ninja Ol501 is priced at 150$ whereas Ninja Ol601 comes with a price tag of 200$ and both models are covered by one-year limited warranty by Ninja.

Quick Overview of Ninja OL501 Foodi 6.5Qt Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer

Ninja OL500 Foodi 6.5 Qt. 14-in-1 Pressure Cooker Steam...
  • NINJA FOODI PRESSURE COOKER STEAM FRYER: Large capacity with the ability to pressure cook, air fry, and...
  • SMARTLID SLIDER: Slide to unlock 3 cooking modes and 14 cooking functions all under one lid.
  • STEAMCRISP TECHNOLOGY: Steam and crisp at the same time for faster, juicier, crispier results without drying...

  • Unified innovative all in one lid
  • 14 cooking functions
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Budget friendly
  • Dishwasher safe for cleanup
  • Huge cooking capacity
  • Large footprint
  • Heavy

Quick Overview of Ninja OL601 Foodi 8Qt Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer

Ninja OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt. Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer with...
  • NINJA FOODI XL PRESSURE COOKER STEAM FRYER: Extra-large, family-sized capacity with the ability to pressure...
  • SMARTLID SLIDER: Slide to unlock 3 cooking modes and 14 cooking functions all under one lid.
  • STEAMCRISP TECHNOLOGY: Steam and crisp at the same time for faster, juicier, crispier results* without drying...

  • 14 programmable cooking functions
  • Single lid for air frying as well as pressure cooking
  • Digital touchscreen control panel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Huge 8 Quart cooking capacity
  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Huge appliance
  • Expensive and heavy

Ninja Ol501 Vs Ol601: Verdict?

Choosing between Ninja Ol501 vs Ol601 is simple and straightforward. The two models have exceptional cooking performance, similar set of cooking functions and same unified single lid. What’s different is the cooking capacity hence the price.

If you are a small family, Ninja Ol501 would suffice with its 6.5 Qt pressure cooking pot and 4.6 Qt cook and crisp basket. On the contrary, Ninja Ol601 is suitable if you are a family consisting of 4-6 members. Its 8 Quart inner cooking pot and 5 Qt cook and crisp basket is large enough to churn out large batches of meal in a jiffy.

In case you wish to spend less, Ninja OL501 is the right choice. Its budget friendly with enough cooking space and functionality to cater to your cooking needs. What’s your first experience with Ninja pressure cookers? Let us know what are you going to choose and why? The comment section is all yours.

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