Cosori Dehydrator Vs Excalibur Comparison: How to Choose the Best?

A food dehydrator is a kitchen appliance used to remove the moisture from food. This can be done for a number of reasons, such as preserving food or cooking it at a lower temperature. Discover the differences between Levoit Core 300 vs 300S at for your kitchen air purifier.

Cosori Dehydrator Vs Excalibur

Dehydrated foods are typically packed with nutrients and flavor, and they make an excellent addition to any diet. Some of the most common types of dehydrated foods include fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and grains. Some people use dehydrators to fix quick snacks when hunger strikes at time of the day. Dive into the world of Magic Mill vs Excalibur Dehydrator with

If you’re interested in adding a food dehydrator to your kitchen arsenal, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, be sure to pick one that has enough space to accommodate the types of foods you want to dehydrate. Second, make sure the machine has an adjustable thermostat to get the precise results.

In this article, we are comparing Cosori Dehydrator vs Excalibur side by side to find out which one is better of the two. Let’s get into it!

Cosori Dehydrator Vs Excalibur Comparison

FeaturesCosori Dehydrator CP267-FDExcalibur Dehydrator 3926TB
Dimensions17.72x13.15x12.05 Inches19x17x12.5 Inches
Weight23.1 lb22 lb
MaterialStainless Steel, PlasticPlastic
Available ColorsSilver, BlackBlack
No. Of Trays6 Trays9 Trays
Tray Size12x13 Inch15x15 Inch
Total Drying Space6.5 Square Feet15 Square Feet
Temperature Range95-165F105-165F
Timer48 Hours26 Hours
Door StyleClear Glass Door / HingedSolid Plastic Door / Not Hinged
Control PanelTouchscreenDials
Automatic Shut OffYesYes
Timer DisplayYesNo
AccessoriesStainless Steel Food DehydratorMain Dehydrator unit
6 Stainless Steel Trays9 Dehydrating trays
1 Fruit Roll SheetFlexible poly-screen tray inserts
1 Mesh ScreenRecipe Guide
1 Recipe BookUser Manual
1 User ManualWarranty Card
1 Quick Ref Guide
Warranty Card
CleanupDishwasher Safe AccessoriesDishwasher Safe Accessories
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Amazon Rating4.8/5 Star (11K Reviews)4.6/5 Star (3K Reviews)
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Difference Between Cosori Dehydrator Vs Excalibur

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing between a Cosori dehydrator Vs Excalibur dehydrator. The first is price. The Cosori dehydrator is typically less expensive than the Excalibur. The second factor to consider is size. The Cosori is a bit smaller than the Excalibur, making it ideal for those with limited counter space. And finally, the third factor to consider is features. Let’s explore all the differences between the two dehydrators in order to figure out which one of these models is suitable for your household.

Appearance & Design

Design-wise, there’s not much difference between different brands and models. However, I think it’s important that your food dehydrator has a sleek, modern look so it doesn’t clash with the rest of your kitchen appliances. And since it will be on display, you might as well choose one in a fun color.

Cosori Dehydrator has a boxy square shaped design and it has silver exterior with black accents. You can as well choose black color however; it has black on the front while silver on the rest. Personally, I’d prefer Cosori Black over Cosori silver model for its premium and modern look. It will definitely turn heads once placed on the counter. Its glass door and digital touchscreen control panel only adds to its ultramodern design.

The Cosori dehydrator measures 18x13x12 Inches in size which is quite big and you will require a permanent spot since its 23 pounds heavy so lifting it every now and then for storage would be unwise.

On the contrary, Excalibur dehydrator has comparatively simple square shaped design with retro style knobs as controls. It comes in entirely black color and there is no other color choice available, but black blends in with most kitchen themes seamlessly. The dehydrator measures 19x17x12.5 Inches and its visible larger than Cosori dehydrator. But since it is made out of plastic, it weighs 22 pounds which is just one pound lighter than Cosori.

If we talk about construction, Cosori dehydrator has robust design made out of durable stainless steel and it will not fell apart so soon. On the other hand, although made of plastic but Excalibur feels pretty durable and has strong build quality. It really doesn’t feel cheap and plasticky although it is made of plastic.


The Excalibur dehydrator has an upper hand when it comes to dehydrating capacity. It comes with 9 trays measuring 15×15 Inches with a total dehydrating space of 15 Square feet which is good enough to dehydrate large quantities of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, Cosori dehydrator comes with 6 stainless steel trays measuring 12×13 inches each and providing a total of 6.5 Square feet of cooking space. If you are looking for more space, Excalibur is the winner hands down.

Temperature Range & Timer

The wider the temperature range, more fruits and veggies you can dehydrate. Cosori dehydrator has a temperature range of 95-165F whereas Excalibur dehydrator offers sightly narrower temperature range of 105-165F.

As far as the timer goes, Cosori dehydrator can be set for about 48 hours max whereas Excalibur dehydrator can be scheduled for about 26 hours to prepare your favorite snacks.  

Control Panel

Control panel plays a vital role in a cooking appliance being easy to use. Cosori dehydrator has a wide touchscreen display where you can set the time and display with ease just like using your phone. Also, the control panel is at the front which is easily accessible and intuitive to use. It gives the appliance an overall modern touch if I may say.

On the contrary, Excalibur dehydrator has an old school control consisting of two dials to set the time and temperature. Also, the control panel is at the back side on the top right corner which is pretty awkward and annoying to access and use. Furthermore, unlike Cosori dehydrator Excalibur doesn’t come with a timer display which is another flaw in the design.

Door Style

Another difference that there is, Cosori dehydrator has a hinged glass door whereas Excalibur comes with an unhinged, solid and removable door or cover as it looks like. So, unlike Cosori dehydrator you can’t really have a look at what’s happening inside without removing the door.


More power means more efficient dehydrating! Cosori dehydrator is more powerful in comparison to Excalibur dehydrator. Cosori CP267-FD dehydrator is a 600W machine whereas Excalibur 3926TB is only 440W dehydrator however, it does work wonders when it comes to dehydrating.


Cosori dehydrator and Excalibur are said to be the most sought-after dehydrators on Amazon and we put them to test in our kitchen.

I and jenny have different eating choices so we tried and tested for Banana and apple snacks. We sliced 6 bananas and two apples and divided into two equal halves for testing in Cosori and Excalibur simultaneously.

The dehydrators work quiet and there was no noticeable noise that can interrupt you walking around in the house. To our surprise, both apple and banana chips came out extremely delicious. Jenny enjoyed every last one of it!

What’s in the box?

With Cosori Dehydrator CP267-FD, following is included in the box:

  • Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator
  • 6 Stainless Steel Trays
  • 1 Fruit Roll Sheet
  • 1 Mesh Screen
  • 1 Recipe Book
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick Ref Guide
  • Warranty Card

With Excalibur Dehydrator 3926TB, you get the following:

  • Main Dehydrator unit
  • 9 Dehydrating trays
  • Flexible poly-screen tray inserts
  • Recipe Guide
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card


Cosori Dehydrator has 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon and 11K reviews out of which 95% users are quite content and happy with the performance. Excalibur dehydrator on the hand has got 4.6/5 star rating and 3 thousand reviews out of which 91% are satisfied.

Quick Overview of COSORI Food Dehydrator

COSORI Food Dehydrator for Jerky, Holds 7.57lb Raw Beef with...
  • DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA: Cook delicious and healthy treats in less time with a 600W rated power, a max...
  • FULLY EQUIPPED: The product comes with 6 trays, 1 mesh screen, 1 fruit roll sheet, 1 user manual, and a...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Dehydrate enough snacks for the whole family with up to 6.5 ft² of drying space. Maximum...

  • Practical and intuitive design
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • 6.5 Square feet dehydrating space
  • Up to 48 hours timer
  • Automatic shut off
  • Stainless steel dehydrating trays
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • Budget friendly
  • Touchscreen control Panel
  • Quite big for small kitchen counters
  • Hard manual cleaning
  • Not the most compact dehydrator

Quick Overview of Excalibur Food Dehydrator 

Excalibur 2900ECB Electric Food Dehydrator Machine with...
  • Large Capacity: Equipped with 9 easy-to-clean Excalibur dehydrator trays, this large food dehydrator boasts 15...
  • Accurate Temperature Control: Features an adjustable thermostat with a range of 105 to 165 degrees F – low...
  • Low & Slow for Immune Boost: The perfect dehydrator for food and jerky, dried fruit leather, fruit roll-up...

  • 15 Square feet space
  • BPA free plastic material
  • Retro style dial control
  • Dishwasher safe dehydrating trays
  • Automatic shut off
  • Suitable for large batches
  • Large footprint
  • Awkward controls
  • Very Expensive

Cosori Dehydrator Vs Excalibur: Winner?

Cosori dehydrator vs Excalibur? The winner is Cosori Dehydrator for many good reasons. Although, it has smaller capacity in comparison to Excalibur but it is one of the most budget friendly dehydrators on Amazon with exceptional performance that we already witnessed during our test.

Unlike Excalibur, it has durable stainless-steel construction, easy to access and intuitive touchscreen control panel which not only enhances its overall look but makes it super easy for anybody to operate this thing.

It has a wider temperature range, better wattage, and most importantly it features digital timer to keep track of remaining time. Cosori dehydrator is a better dehydrator except for Excalibur offers generous 15 square feet of space but for double the price of Cosori.

Let us know what would you choose and why? How was your first ever experience using any dehydrator. Comment section is all yours!

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